The world of reiki has just begun for us, and we know Zanna will be there every step of the way. We now know that we can use Reiki as a tool to reboot as individuals and as a couple. We talk about having couples Reiki sessions before writing our wedding vows, before giving birth (to strengthen and honor our bond before welcoming a new family member), when naming our future children and more. We are forever grateful for the welcoming, SAFE environment Zanna has created in hwr home. I would recommend Living Oasis Healing Studio to anyone that is looking for a deeper connection to the earth, people, yourself . . . it will be the best gift you could ever give yourself; the gift of self compassion and healing. If not for you, do it for your past life, and future ones. ~ Adam and Eileen Hurley (married)

Zanna’s practice is very professional, clean and beautifully presented.  Living Oasis Studio is exactly what it sounds like, an OASIS OF HEALING.  Zanna offera a safe place for emotional and physical healing.  Her healing is gentle, compassionate, and practiced with expertise.  ~ Cara, Small Business Owner

I've been seeing Zanna for several weeks now. I find the sessions very relaxing and she is teaching me some great breathing techniques for stress and pain relief. ~ Nico, CPA

Yay!! Living Oasis is such a blessing to this community! ~ Tanya