Tarot is a medieval practice that was popular in Europe during the Middle Ages, and is now a well-known spiritual practice all over the world. It is often called “the fool’s journey” as it tells the story of a fool (a trusting one – you and me!) moving through the vagaries of this human experience. Qabalah is commonly referred to as the Wisdom of Israel, and comes to us from thousands of years of Jewish mystics. Together, the tarot and qabalah inform each other so that the synthesis makes sense in a deeply, mystical spiritual way, as we examine our life decisions and life’s journey. This is the type of interpretation that I am able to offer you.

I’m available to do psychic tarot readings in person, by phone, or by Virtual Sessions through Facetime, Skype, or Hangouts. I’m excited to meet you and to help you learn more about yourself and your situation. Together we can unravel the mystery of which decision will be best for you, and which might not be optimum.

I invite you to find YOUR WAY HOME through the journey of the Tarot with me!