As a Reiki practitioner, Zanna is trained and attuned to the Reiki energy in the body, and can move it through the blocks or congestion in your body due to disease, pain, injury, and stress.  As Reiki Master, I have attained the highest level of training and attunement with Reiki, and I practice Reiki on myself, for my family, and for clients, as well as for veterans at the local Vet Center.  I understand my life's work as bringing peace, restoration and a renewal of energy into my community and the world.  That is the impetus for Living Oasis Healing Studio.


After years of personal use, I now integrate the use of Essential Oils into my healing services. As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate I teach about and have oils available for purchase in the studio.  I am a certified AromaTouch Technique Specialist, using 8 essential oils as part of a light-touch massage that heightens the healing experience in the studio. My clients have also had extraordinary results when experiencing the oils as part of a Reiki session, and on their own in their homes. 

"Essential oils contain life force, intelligence, and vibrational energy that imbues them with healing power that works for people. Essential oils are composed of tiny molecules that can penetrate into every cell, administering healing therapy at the most fundamental levels of our bodies." David Stewart, Ph. D

FAQs about Reiki

Can Reiki help me?

Reiki can help with any healing need -- even remotely over long distances!  I have helped clients with: depression, anxiety, stress, emotional distress (grief, worry, etc.), back pain, injuries of any sort, PTSD, addictions, cancer, Parkinson's, chronic pain, digestive/abdominal issues, insomnia, lack of focus or concentration, and many others. Using Virtual Reiki, I have brought relief to clients thousands of miles away via today's technology of FaceTime and Skype.

What can I expect from my Reiki session?  

Each experience with Reiki is different, but you can always expect relief of some sort. Reiki is a powerful healing energy that works in your body whether you feel it or not. You will have energy blocks dissolved; experience stress reduction; find you have improved focus and clarity; and leave with a renewed sense of balance and ease. I use my intuitive wisdom and vast experience with healing traumas, to ensure that you will leave with resources, tools, and suggestions for continued healing.

How does Reiki heal?

Ki (life energy) flows through our bodies via pathways called meridians and pass through our organs and tissues. It also flows around us in a field of energy called aura. Ki nourishes the cells of our body and supports vital functions. When the flow of Ki is disrupted, it causes diminished functioning within our bodies, and is the main cause of illness.

When a person receives a Reiki session, the Rei (spiritual wisdom) directs the healing energy to dissolve and release blocks allowing the Ki to flow again, bringing healing, the release of pain, calm, stress reduction, and emotional and physical balance to the body. Reiki works well with and supports all types of medical and healing care, improving healing times and reducing side effects.