Spiritual Counseling is not about religion.

In fact, Spirituality is the recognition that we are Spirits using these mortal bodies to help us experience the natural world,each other, and our relationship to the Divine.

It’s about living in harmony with that part of your Self that is connected to the Divine. There is nothing magical or special that one must do to become spiritual. Once you are able to connect to your higher self, your approach towards the issues of life and towards others changes. With this change, you are freer to deal with the deeper issues and begin the healing process. 

Spiritual Counseling gives you the tools

to bring deeper healing into your life.

Spiritual Counseling is a spiritual approach to dealing with our blocks – those things that keep us from realizing our highest potential and greatest dreams. Just as Reiki works with the body’s life energy to dissolve and remove blocks held in the body, Spiritual Counseling aims at connecting you to your higher self and to help you integrate your goals with your life’s purpose. Spiritual Counseling helps reduce or release internal conflicts, strengthening oneself spiritually, emotionally, mentally and, in effect, physically. The ultimate goal is a healthy, peaceful, happy life.


I have been refining my Spiritual gifts throughout my life using meditation, chanting, prayer, Reiki, essential oils, Shamanic journeying, and daily rituals to keep me grounded and centered.  I bring into my counseling work my many experiences living in various cultures around the world as well as what I learned from my role as spiritual leader/pastor in churches in the U.S.

I understand the spiritual path to be the deep, abiding relationship we each have with our inner selves, our higher selves and what we know as the Divine/God/Source/Creator/Supreme Being.  I teach and use tools and resources with my clients to help you discover your own spiritual path, honoring the unique traditions and practices you carry.  Some of these include: how to use of crystals, meditation, the use of essential oils, drumming, prayer, The Work by Byron Katie, the reading and interpretation of Ancient Scriptures/texts.

Each client comes with ideas, beliefs and understandings of Spirit and often are unaware of them or can’t define them to use them. After some time with counseling, they leave feeling confident in newly found practices that will help them to connect and be balanced, centered and grounded.

Life is a matter of balance,

and that is what Spiritual Counseling can bring you!